digital landscape
digital landscape

The digital marketing landscape

A digital landscape is a collective name for websites, email, social networks, mobile devices (tablets, iphones, smartphones), videos (YouTube), etc. These tools help businesses sell their products or services.

In the world of business there is a smarter and more nimble competitor just around the corner with a better use and understanding of technology about to steal your market.  

We are living in a digital era, almost everything can be done online (from shopping to banking, to work and socialising). More and more of our lives depend on digital services.

How can you ensure your business stays on top?

One simple way of ensuring your business stays on top is to link your Business strategy to your IT strategy. A business strategy is the vision for your company, the IT strategy is anything relating to technologies and how you plan on using them within your organisation. 

It is essential for any successful business to ensure its strategies work in unison and harmony. Aligning business and IT strategies within a business or organisation is not a new idea.

5 Key areas to follow when aligning business and IT strategies:

  • Understand how the business makes money and where it is positioned within the market place

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